Lab Director

Dr. Heather Price

Dr. Price is a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in the Department of Psychology at Thompson Rivers University. Dr. Price completed her BA at the University of Victoria and a MA and PhD¬†in Simon Fraser University’s Law and Psychology program. Dr. Price then undertook two postdoctoral research¬†fellowships, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wilfrid Laurier University. Dr. Price came to TRU after 9 years as an Associate Professor at the University of Regina.


Current Graduate Students

Kim Audette, Ph.D. Candidate (URegina)

Shelbie Anderson, Masters student (Simon Fraser University)

Madison Harvey, Masters student (Simon Fraser University)

Jordan Nixdorf, Masters student (URegina)


Current Undergraduate Students

Kaitlin Lomas, Honours student (TRU)

Mariah Wichmann, Honours student (TRU)


Lab Alumni

Graduate students

  • Kaila Bruer, Ph.D.
  • Ryan Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
  • Jasmin Dhillon, Ph.D.
  • Brittany Whiting, M.A.
  • Natalie Therrien, M.A.

Honours students

  • Tim Killough
  • Brendan Jones
  • Melanie Krammer
  • Connie Heidt
  • Kirby Maguire
  • Danielle Pieracci
  • Andrea Collins
  • Bryan Austin

UREAP students

  • Chloe Johnson
  • Russell Walton